"Where-from do all the Worlds come?"

"They come from space.
All beings arise from space,
and into space they return:

Space is indeed their beginning,
and space is their final end."

"What is the Music of the Spheres?"

"We have taken support from the melodious Sound,
knowing the universe is a trinity - made of ..
horse silouette
vibration, form, and action/movement.

The Source of all conceptuals is:
sound frequencies.

For it is by sound - vibrating,
that all Conceptuals - are Sung into being,
becoming manifested.

'Sound' is behind all Conceptuals,
even as infinite Spirit is behind all Sound.

Thus the three are only one - Soul, Spirit, life.
And although being just one, are counted as three.

The Immortal, is veiled by Its manifesting Conceptuals.
The Spirit of life - is the Immortal.
Vibration and form are the Conceptuals.

And by the Conceptuals, the Spirit, unseen, is veiled."

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Excerpts from 'Chandogya Upanishad' - from before or about 600 BCE.

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