Truth of Universe - Doxia
The 'Lost' Parmenides

The steeds that bear me carried me as far as ever my heart desired,
since they brought me and set me on the renowned Way of the goddess,
who, with her own hands conducts the man who 'knows' through all things.

On that Way was I borne along;
for on it did the wise steeds
carry me, drawing my car,  and maidens showed the way.

The axle glowed in the socket for it was urged round
by the whirling wheels at each end  which gave forth
a sound as of a pipe,  when the daughters of the Sun

hasting to convey me into the light
threw back their veils from off their faces
and left the abode of Night.

There are the gates of the ways of Night and Day
fitted above with a lintel and below with a threshold of stone.
They themselves, high in the air are closed by mighty doors.

'Her' did the maidens entreat with gentle words and skillfully persuaded
to unfasten without demur the bolted bars from the gates.
Then when the doors were thrown back they disclosed a wide opening

when their brazen hinges swung backwards in their sockets
fastened with rivets and nails.
Straight through them on the broad way did the maidens

guide the horses and the car
and a goddess greeted me kindly
and took my right hand in hers

and spake to me these words:  "Noble young man
coming to our home in the company of immortal charioteers
and the horses which carry you;

It is no ill chance which has sent you to travel along this road
of right and justice far from the way trodden by men.

You must learn about everything,
both the unshaken truth, and opinions of mortals
in which there is no true belief at all.

Yet none the less you shall learn of all these things
since you must judge the theories that seem right  to men
as you go through all things in your journey.

Come now, I will tell you - do hearken to my saying
and carry it away with you.
There are only two ways of searching:

Mortals have settled in their minds to speak of two forms,
one of which they should have left out;
and that is where they go astray from the truth.

They have assigned an opposite substance to each
and characteristics distinct from one another.
To one, the aetherial flame of light and fire, gentle and very fine,

identical with itself in every direction
and that the 'All' is full of 'light.'
The other is opposite to it:  dark night - a compact and heavy body.

Of these I'll tell you the whole arrangement.
And you shall know the origin of all the things on high.
You will also learn the nature of the aether (dark space)

and all the things found in the aether and the unseen workings
of the Sun's fiery rays and how they arosel; of the Milky Way
and how the hot force of the stars rushed into being.

You shall know too, of the heavens that surround us,
of whence they arose and how Necessity took them
and bound them to hold the parameters of the stars.

And how the Goddess ('Mother Nature')
contrived Eros, the round-faced Moon
as a borrowed light shining in the night,

always turning her eyes to the beams of the sun
wandering around the earth and of Her origin;
of the Milky Way and the outermost Universe

and how the burning might of the stars arose.
And how narrow orbits are filled with pure fire,
and those next to them with darkest night.

In the darkness of night allotted amounts of fire circle in orbits,
and in the center of these, the goddess, who governs all
directs the course of all things, guiding all of nature;

and of procreation and begetting,
driving females to the male
and males to the female;

and according to knowledge,
as they've always been, so they are now the same, unchanged
as when all these things first came into being.

And thus, all these will in time hereafter,
so it is believed by mankind,
after having grown and matured,

will all come to their own end, passing away.
And for each and all,
mankind has assigned them individual names."

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The above verses are from the 'lost' pages of the Parmenides - Doxia. The complete Parmenides,
that is 'The Way' of Truth was originally taught by Xena/Asphasia 'the Phoenician' in Greece - 550 BCE

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